Our Objectives


1. To reduce children illiteracy and school drop out in rural communities.

2. To facilitate quality basic education for all children in rural communities.

3. Provide feeding incentives for underprivileged school children.

4. Provide shelter and care for orphans, physically challenged, sexually abused and homeless children in communities.

5. Provide extra moral lesson and tutorial for children who can’t afford a private tutor. 

6. Carry out sensitization and campaign on topics such as HIV Aids, teenage pregnancy and abortion, prostitution, drug and sexual abuses, militancy, cultism, arm robbery, kidnapping, political thuggery and killings.

7. Organize interschool quiz, debate and spelling Bee competition in communities.

9. Youth’s engagement in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship skills development.

10. Training on CV writing, job searching and job interview skills.

11. Business startup ideas, support, coaching and mentorship.

12. Youth empowerment and skills acquisition trainings.