School feeding programs are beneficial for the physical, mental, and psychosocial development of school-age children and adolescents, particularly those in rural communities.

school feeding increases pupils’ enrolment, reduced dropout rate, increased attendance and improve performance and participation in learning. Providing school meals is therefore vital in nourishing children as well as addressing the issues of hunger and poverty. Statistics shows that in developing countries, about 60million children go to school hungry every day and about 40% of them are Africans.


We also solicits for your kind gesture to give free scholarship to at least one underprivileged child whose parents can’t afford to send him or her to school, this would put a smile on the face of the child, parents and the community at large. Support and donate to us to help as many out of school children as possible, whatever you do for children you do it for God. So we appeal to you to to up a responsibility for at least one underprivileged child.

We use your donation to pay fees for those who can’t afford it, provide learning and school material such as school bags, books, pen, pencil, ruler, eraser, uniforms and so on. With your support and donation we can do more for these children.